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Old Inn, Crawfordsburn

Ongoing lighting supply and design for over 20 years.

The Old Inn stands on one of Ireland's most ancient highways leading from Holywood Priory to the Parent Abbey at Bangor, founded by St. Comgall as a University in 570 AD. So The Inn developed in a part of Ireland which contributed much to the founding centuries of Christianity in the County of Down. Here much of the music of the early church was written, some of which is preserved in Milan, where it was sent for safekeeping during the Viking raids of the 10th century. Part of the student's discipline in the ancient colleges of Bangor included the grinding of his own meal supply and for the this purpose he was given a quern grindstone carved from the sign of the cross, one of which is to be seen in the Hall of The Old Inn. Many other treasures from the past are preserved in Bangor Castle and Bangor Abbey.